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Oriented by technological innovation,
enhance the core competitiveness of customers

Hydraulic Servo Energy Saving Injection Moulding Machine

Model No.: EKH Series

Central Clamping Toggle Invention Patent in China

(Patent No.: ZL2011 10250342.5) 

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Hydraulic Servo Energy Saving Injection Moulding Machine

Model No.: EKL Series

Central Clamping Toggle

Obtained the National Invention Patent of China

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high speed machine

Model No.: HK series

Based on standard structure, HK clamping structure will be improved by 100% on mould platen rigidity, tie bar rigidity and frame rigidity.

HK injection unit is with special single injection cylinder design and injection rod is not rotatingwith screw, which will be no oil leakage risk.

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Naloy Tap Injection Moulding Machine

Model No.: #

Based on the technical features of the cable tie special IMM, BOLE R&D team made a lot of technological breakthrough especiallyon tie bar protection aspect.

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CIM MIM injection moulding

Model No.: #

Ceramic lnjection Moulding (CIM) is similar to Metal Powder Injection Moulding (MIM), which is the main branch of powder injection molding (PIM) technology. It is based on polymer injection molding technology developed.

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Optics Injection Moulding Machine

Model No.: #

The deformation of the mould platen is caused by the conduction of the moId temperature, which makes the amount of the optical axis offset and the surface precision of othe two curved surfaces of the lens too large

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Hydraulic Servo Energy Saving Injection Moulding Machine

Model No.: EKS Series

Economy: After sample survey, we conclude BOLE central clamping toggle design can save 2-5% material for 80% of customer's mould, comparing to traditional dege clamping toggle design.

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Two Platen Injection Moulding Machine

Model No.: DK Series

Higher productivity, Dry cycle time equals to European machine

High overload and bending resisted tie bar. Patent applied

Symmetric mould open/close design, Shorter cycle time and morestable, Higher precision for mould close&open.

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Electrical Injection Moulding Machine

Model No.: FE Series

Fast &close loop control system excellent repeatability performance

Patented central clamping toggle system create uniform clamping force. reduces platen deflection

Platen drive by servo motor and ball screw.

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Carbon-fiber Products Intelligent Moulding Line

Model No.: CIML Series

As the edged tool tailored by 'lightweight of automobile', ClML carbon fiber product intelligent moulding line combines equipment, tech no Iogyand material and units the "prilling" and 'injection moulding' into one

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Multiple Injection Moulding Machine

Model No.: MK Series

With excellent performance and quality, BOLE MK series multiple IMM will better meet the demand of automobile, household appliances. daily necessities. food packing and toy industries for their appearance and personalized design and will help customers improve their core competitiveness.

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Large volume IMM

Model No.: Large Volume Injection Moulding Machine

Clamping force range from 4400-40000KN, injection volume from 10000cm³

Multi-core pulling modes for choosing

Double-cylinders for carriage, single cylinder for injection.

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